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How to size your Boat Cover

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How do I size my boat cover?

We prefer to sell our boat covers using the full cover size, not boat size, as there are so many different types of boats plus we all like to add cool things to them which varies the measurements.  The last thing we want is an unhappy customer because their cover is 0.5m too short.

Firstly what type of boat do you have? Runabout, V-Hull Cabin, Hard top? Does it have bow rails?

Now measure from the bow (where you want the boat cover to start) all the way down the centre-line over your windscreen etc all the way down to the stern, where you want the boat cover to end. If you want to cover the motor then measure this also. Then add 0.5m and this is your length.

One word of advice though regarding covering the motor, this can leave gaps at the back of your boat, which your favorite cat can climb under and make a nice day bed or as one person found out, an expensive vet bill to remove a hook from kitty!.  So if you don't want this, it would be best to buy a separate motor cover.

For the width measure from side to side where you would like the boat cover to sit, and over the highest part of the boat. Now all you have to do is go to our product page and match the style with your size and colour.

If you are like me and prefer diagrams,  there is one on each product page.

Tip:  If you don't have a long tape measure use a rope to go over the boat then lay it flat on the ground and measure from there.

Hope this helps, any questions please let me know.