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Boat Cover Support with Pole

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Designed and made in the USA by Vico Plastic Inc. 

The flex support is an easy way to support your cover if venting is not required. The rubber sides are designed to "mushroom" down to match your cover's angle, dispersing the weight and protecting it from rips or tears. This is a great alternative to snap or swedge tips!

For vented option click here

For consumers, this can also be used without sewing in place & is a quick easy alternative to snap or swedge tips. Simply attach it to the top of your support pole and firmly tent you cover. 

For professional shops - The support is made to sew directly into the cover. This will help keep the Flex Support in place, giving your customers an easy, fixed location to tent their cover.

  • Durable tough rubber will not break or crack

  • Quick easy install

  • Can be either sewed in or just fit snuggly under the cover (optional) 

  • Best way to protect your boat cover top from rips or tears without venting. 

    Kit includes:

    -    Rubber Flex Support
    -    Swivel Pole Base
    -    Extending Pole (May differ to picture)




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