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Hardtop Cover Sizing

Boat Cover Sizing.

Note: boat size is a guide only and should not be used for ordering.   Please use cover size and follow our simple instructions on our blog "how to measure your boat".


Cover Size     -   Boat Size Guide (see note)

7.8m x 5.0m  -   5.0m - 5.25m

8.5m x 5.0m  -   5.9m - 6.4m

9.0m x 5.4m  -   6.6m - 7.0m

9.4m x 5.7m  -   7.2m - 7.6m

10.0m x 6.0m  - 7.8m - 8.2m

10.6m x 6.0m  - 8.4m - 8.8m


Measure your boat as per the illustration and add 0.3m to the length.  It is best to go to the next size up if between sizes.

If you need any assistance please feel free to call us on 0800 101 879.