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What makes a good boat cover?

What makes a good boat cover?


There is so many different types of boat cover materials and terms that it can seem a bit confusing so hopefully we can help.

Denier: This term reflects the thickness and affects how durable and thick the fabric is. The higher the number the thicker, and more heavier duty. Our Southern Storm boat covers are a 600D, you will see a lot of 300d, even 150d covers, which are proportionally half as thick and 1/4 as thick as our covers.

Dye and coatings: Our boat covers are solution dyed polyester, PU coated. Solution dyed is the new generation of protection. The fiber is spun into yarn, using a complex process that prevents color contamination. The net effect is that instead of weaving yarn made of dyed fibers, solution-dyed fabrics are created from yarn already permeated with color; essentially, the fabric is the color. This gives a superior colour fastness and that's why we can offer a 3 year warranty against major fading on our Southern Storm range. Of course it is going to fade being out in the sun all day but covers that are not solution dyed will lose their colour very quickly. 

Coatings, PU coating (polyurethane), this makes the cover waterproof.

If you want a quality cover here's what you should look for:

• Solution dyed: Protects from UV rays, fading and sun damage
• Weather resistant
• Water proof• Breathable,
• Mildew resistance
• Marine grade 600D polyester with PU Coating.
• High strength fabric engineered for extra durability and maximum weather protection
• Snug fit reinforced sewn-in elastic cord
• Double stitched interlock seams with “Rot-Proof” thread
• Quick release buckles with adjustable heavy duty straps
• 3 year warranty against major fabric deterioration (Southern Storm Range only)


There is a lot of different types of boat covers out there, that's why we have researched/ tested many cover fabrics and have found what we believe to be one of the best boat cover materials on the market. We all like our boats to not only look good on the water but also when its parked on our driveway. Don't be disappointed and end up having to replace your cover in a years time. Buy from The Cover Shop and know you are getting a quality product.

Above blog relates to our Southern Storm Boat Cover range.